William Hunter Obituary, Resident Of Aguila Arizona has died – Death

William Hunter Obituary, Resident Of Aguila Arizona has died - Death

William Hunter Obituary, Death – The office of the Riverside County Coroner has made public the identify of the person who passed away as a result of injuries sustained in an aviation accident that took place in Banning a few weeks ago. The accident involved a small plane. This individual was unable to recover from the injuries sustained in the accident and consequently passed away. Banning was the location of the collision that took place.

William Hunter, a 55-year-old man from Aguila, Arizona, was the lone passenger on board a single-engine Gallagher XLT-RG that was involved in a violent collision near to Interstate 10 and the Banning scales. The accident occurred in close proximity to both of these locations. The accident took place in the neighborhood around both of these locations. The event took occurred in the neighborhood of the Banning scales and Interstate 10, which can be seen in the background of the photo.

The occurrence took place someplace in the close neighborhood of the chamber that contains the scales. The collision was the root cause of the fire, which began on a quarter of an acre but swiftly spread throughout the remainder of the property. The fire started on a quarter of an acre. A quarter of an acre served as the starting point for the fire. The preliminary report on the accident that was provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) indicated that the home base of the aircraft was registered in Las Vegas, which is located in the state of Nevada. The report also revealed that the aircraft was involved in the accident. The recorder that was discovered inside the black box served as the source for this information.

A Lycoming TI0-540 SER that had been installed subsequently as an aftermarket component could be seen working inside the engine of the aircraft. The FAA classed the engine as having a “amateur produced” status and referred to it as having a “experimental” status since it was developed by an amateur. The reason for this classification is that the engine was constructed by an amateur. This was because it had been put together by a novice rather than a professional.

FlightAware.com, a website that tracks flights, reports that the aircraft had its maiden voyage after taking off from the Eagle Roost Airpark Airport in Aguila, Arizona. This is according to the information that was provided by the website. This airport was initially constructed in the state of Arizona, but it has since been moved to its current site. Aguila is one of the most isolated towns in the surrounding area as a result of its location approximately 88 miles to the east of Blythe.

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