Trevor Houston Obituary, Learn More About Trevor Houston Death

Trevor Houston Obituary, Learn More About Trevor Houston Death

Trevor Houston Obituary, Death –¬†Trevor Houston passed away; he was survived by his wife and best friend Pauline. Pauline shared with Trevor his love of Harry Potter and Star Wars and actively participated in our regular role-playing games on Wednesday nights, which they hosted from their home in Ballyclare. Trevor was a gamer, and he and Pauline hosted our games from their home. Trevor was a participant in the weekly role-playing games that we had on Wednesday evenings.

We continued to participate in Trevor’s ongoing Star Wars role-playing game adventure because it brought such happiness and comedy into our lives. During this most difficult of times, Pauline is on our minds, and we want her to know that we are sending her our best wishes. Trevor’s enthusiasm for a wide variety of gaming, including role-playing games, tabletop miniature games, and board games, led him to Tabletopnorth, where he met a lot of wonderful people and had a lot of fun playing games for a long time.

Tabletopnorth is a gaming convention that takes place in the north of the United States. During the formative years of the club, Trevor was an excellent asset to the TTN committee and made key contributions to the construction of our website. During the same years, he was also an important contributor. He was a constant participant in board game days and was a strong supporter of the TTN Big Games events.

Along with TTN, Trevor was a great supporter of the local gaming stores and communities, including places like Koffeeklub in Whitehead, Arkham in Gleno, and Black Knight in Larne. He also supported TTN. Everyone who had the opportunity to speak with Trevor felt compelled to attest to the fact that he was a man who was not only genuine but also generous and utterly endearing. There are a lot of people in the gaming community who are going to miss seeing Trevor around. RIP Trevor

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