Travis Lucas Obituary, Travis Lucas has died – Death

Travis Lucas Obituary, Travis Lucas has died - Death

Travis Lucas Obituary, Death –¬†Travis Jacob Lucas, age 27, of Glendale, California, lost his heroic battle against cancer on Friday, December 2, 2022, at his home. The disease had devastated his body for seven years prior to his passing from the disease. He had reached the age of 27. He had been putting up a fight against the illness for the seven years that had preceded this point in time. He risked his life for a cause that was important to us, and as a result, he has earned the right to be referred to as our hero.

He spent his entire life as an active member of the Open Valley United Missionary Baptist Church, which held a significant amount of significance for him throughout his entire life. Basketball, singing, drawing, and most of all surprising people who were not paying attention were some of his favorite pastimes, but he especially enjoyed surprising people. His favorite activity was surprising people who were not paying attention.

The year 2013 was both the one in which he graduated from Hart County High School and the year in which he obtained his diploma from that institution. Both of these events took place in 2013. Donald Lucas, the guy’s grandfather on his mother’s side, had already passed away before the man was even born, thus he never got the chance to meet him. Donald Lucas was the man’s maternal grandfather. Among others who will mourn him and continue to carry on his legacy are his parents, Travis Lucas and Chastity Lucas, who live in Glendale.

His legacy will be carried on by a number of people, including his sister Jalyn Lucas, who resides in Campbellsville; his grandparents, Bonnie Lucas and Furland and Wyonia Butler, who also reside in Campbellsville; and other family members. The child that Travis and Chastity Lucas have together is called Jalyn, and her name comes from both of their names. At eleven in the morning on Tuesday, December 6, the funeral will take place at the Open Valley United Missionary Baptist Church located in Hardin County. Both Brother Malcom and Brother Jeff Doyle have agreed to preside over the event as the officiating preachers.

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