Trae Terrel Obituary, Topeka KS, A longtime Resident of Mayetta has died – Death

Trae Terrel Obituary, Topeka KS, A longtime Resident of Mayetta has died - Death

Trae Terrel Obituary, Death – Trae S. Terrel, a 25-year-old inhabitant of Mayetta, Kansas, was pronounced dead at the Stormont-Vail Health Center on November 25, 2022. Born to Shane Terrel and Michelle Lawrence Terrel on July 25, 1997 in Topeka, Kansas. They raised him like their own son or daughter. In 2016, he received diplomas from both Royal Valley High School and Washburn Tech, where he had taken welding classes. After that, he decided to become a welder.

Welding was an essential part of his job at HME in Topeka. Trae was a citizen of the United States because he was a member of the Citizen Band Potawatomi. Great-grandparents Cecil and Carmen Terrel, Margie “Mamo” Nocktonick, and Jim Mulanax, as well as grandfathers Rich Womack and Kenneth Lawrence, raised him. His ancestor goes further back; Jim Mulanax was one of his great-great-grandparents. Grandfather Kenneth Lawrence and grandfather Rich Womack shared the same name.

Michelle, his mother, who lives there; Shane, his father, who lives in Topeka with his wife Tonya; his grandparents Cecil and Maggie Terrel and Faye Womack, also of Topeka; Trent, his twin brother, who lives in Mayetta with his wife and their daughter Winter Jo; Travis and Cory Terrel and Kenneth Lawrence, three uncles; an aunt; and an uncle’s wife and daughter.

On the evening of Wednesday, December 7th, there will be a memorial ceremony held at the Chapel Oaks Funeral Home in Hoyt. At 10:30 in the morning, the celebrations will begin. Following the funeral, the body will be laid to rest in Elmont’s Half Day Cemetery. On Tuesday, from five in the afternoon until seven in the evening, friends and family are invited to pay their respects at the funeral home.

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