Tracy Tenpenny Obituary, Wisconsin, has died – Death

Tracy Tenpenny Obituary, Wisconsin, has died - Death

Tracy Tenpenny Obituary, Death –¬†Today, we ask that you remember the Tenpenny family in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. We appreciate your consideration of this request. I am grateful that you have taken this suggestion into consideration. They are saying their final farewells to Tracy, who was not only a son but also a husband and a father. Tracy had three roles in his life: son, husband, and father. To his family, Tracy embodied all three of those characteristics.

Tracy exemplified each of these three qualities in the eyes of his relatives. On Thursday, he was out jogging with some friends when he suddenly passed out from a massive heart attack and had to be taken to the hospital. As a direct consequence of this, they were compelled to get him to the nearest hospital as soon as they could. Because he was willing to donate his organs, it will be feasible for other individuals to gain from the utilization of those organs.

This is because he was willing to offer his organs. You have our love. On the afternoon of Monday, July 11, 2022, at his residence in Berne, Barbara Tenpenny., who was a resident of Berne, Indiana, lost her battle against the illness that she had been battling. She had been struggling against the illness for a sizeable amount of time at that point. Tracy Lewis Bowsman was brought into the world by his parents, Lewis and Trudella J. (Brown) Bowsman, on May 26, 1967 in the city of Marion, Indiana, in the United States of America. Lewis, who is Tracy’s biological father and can be found living in Battle Ground, Indiana, is still with us now after all these years.

In addition to his job as a professional “Clown” for a wide range of private parties and events, he also spent a considerable chunk of his life working as a line cook in New Castle, Indiana. This occupation was his primary source of income for many years. He was an avid fan of stock car racing, fishing, and spending time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals for the people he cared about. The biological father of Tracy, Lewis Bowsman, and the stepmother of Tracy, Phyllis Bowsman, are both still with us and in good health today.

Tracy is also survived by his one sister and eight brothers, including Crazy Larry of Vera Cruz, Indiana; John (Tina) Bowsman of Middletown, Indiana; Eddie (Lisa) Bowsman of Santee, California; Sam Tenpenny of Muncie, Indiana; Isaiah Jolley of New Castle, Indiana; and Terry (Jenny) Bowsman of New Castle, Indiana; and Terry (Jenny) Bowsman of New Castle, Indiana; and Terry (J His mother, Trudella J. (Brown) Bowsman, had already passed away before he was brought into this world, hence he did not know his mother.

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