Terry Rozanski Obituary, Man killed in hit-and-run Accident – Death

Terry Rozanski Obituary, Man killed in hit-and-run Accident - Death

Terry Rozanski Death, Obituary –  A 20-year-old Sheboygan man could soon be facing fatal hit-and-run charges. Police said, just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Jordan J. Hernandez slammed into 69-year-old Terry Rozanski, who was crossing the street near 9th Street and New York Avenue. “I was asleep, and my wife told me that she heard a thump, a loud thump and when she looked out the window there was a body laying there. She heard the car take off quick,” said a neighbor who declined to to be identified. Lt. Mike Stelter with Sheboygan police told WISN 12 News on Monday the deadly crash happened about 45 minutes following the downtown holiday parade but was unrelated. Stelter said Hernandez was passing through, and Rozanski lived nearby. Police credit key eyewitnesses and surveillance video to helping them track down the suspected driver and vehicle to an apartment complex about two miles away on Union Avenue.

“Officers were able to look at the vehicle and see evidence of a possible crash related to this. And they were able to make contact at an apartment that the vehicle belonged to and locate the driver,” Stelter said. When investigators questioned Hernandez, they said he then admitted to being behind the wheel. “Eventually, throughout the investigation, he eventually did confess to what happened,” Stelter sai The district attorney is reviewing the case. According to a newly-obtained criminal complaint, police say when they found Hernandez’s damaged car, at first, he tried to blame the crash on someone else.

Eventually, he admitted to hitting Rozanski, telling police he didn’t see him in the crosswalk until the very last second. The complaint goes on to say Hernandez said he didn’t stop because he was ‘scared’ and had never been in an crash before, having just gotten his license in October. As of December 1, Hernandez is out on a $35,000 bond on the condition he doesn’t drive a car and doesn’t leave the state. He’s due in court December 5, facing a felony charge for hit and run causing death. Police told WISN 12 News they do not believe speed or alcohol were factors in the crash.

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