Ted Code Obituary, Learn more about Ted Code Death

Ted Code Obituary, Learn more about Ted Code Death

Ted Code Death, Obituary – The passing away of Ted Code was on November 29, 2022, and it is with a heavy heart that his family and friends share the news with you. His wife, Louise Patricia Horstman, passed away in January 2017, and he earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in biology and geography. He had lived in Morinville since 1988. Code was a person who embodied the hopes and dreams of the community; he was someone who was both able and willing to play the role of a catalyst, bringing together various sectors to realize the potential that Morinville possesses.

Friends have referred to him as a comrade, companion, confidant, cohort, encourager, supporter, teacher advocate, and genuine parent and mentor to young people. In 1992, Code won the election for the position of Town Councillor, and in 1995, he won the election for the position of Mayor. Code served as Mayor from 1995 to 2001. As a candidate for mayor, he ran on the platform of bringing people together to work toward the common goal of improving the community. His dream for Morinville was not for it to reach a particular population threshold, but rather for it to be a community that, regardless of the number of residents it has, welcomes newcomers with the same sense of warmth and acceptance that he has experienced.

He believed that the spirit that already existed within our community is what will ultimately determine its success. It makes no difference how long people plan to stay in this location; what matters is that they are able to contribute to this community while they are here, and that the time they spend in this location is of high caliber. He was involved with Operating Recycle Saturday and obtained a grant to build the Morinville Regional Recycle Centre. In addition, he helped create the Capital Region Forum, organized the annual household Toxic Roundups for the area, and organized the Toxic Roundups.

He was a member of the Morinville Environment Board, where he worked on the creation of a new Park Stewardship Program and on the development of a local Conservation Strategy. Additionally, he was a member of the Friends of the Morinville Public Library, where he assisted in the organization of various fund-raising events, such as Love Your Library day. 1995 was the year when he approached Morinville with his request for their assistance and collaboration. People voiced their desire for the town to be made more aesthetically pleasing through meetings and forums.

They also requested the establishment of a bus service, a cadet corps, additional historical and cultural interpretation, a walking trail, and a paved skating rink that could be used for ball hockey, roller blades, and skateboards. These things and a great deal more were achieved without there being any increase in tax rates. The town has been given three out of a possible four blooms from Communities in Bloom, historical street names have been installed, and the monument has been rebuilt.

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