Steve Donofrio Obituary, Learn more about Steve Donofrio Death

Steve Donofrio Obituary, Learn more about Steve Donofrio Death

Steve Donofrio Obituary, Death –  Upon learning of the passing of one of those who were a part of our community, we were both shocked and saddened. Steve was a fixture at Xcel in the early mornings, and many people looked up to him because of his tireless work and upbeat attitude. I will personally miss our conversations about working out, mental attitude, and the mundane pleasures of everyday life. A link to his family’s GoFundMe account is provided in our bio, should you feel compelled to make a donation. So long, Steve. Hi, My name is (Roger) Scott Brown, and this is my website. Throughout my entire adult life, the Donofrio family and I have maintained our friendship. I always looked up to Steve as if he were my older brother. Steve’s death on November 25th, 2022 came as a complete and shocking surprise. He is survived by a wife who has chosen to remain at home with their son, who is now 23 years old. Both Heidi and Malachi are utterly heartbroken following the untimely death of their husband and father.

Steve was a generous person who always made time for his friends, family, and the community. He was a combat veteran who served his country with honor during the Gulf war. It was at Fort Hood, Texas, where I met Steve and Heidi, that he continued his service with Military Community Youth Ministries as a staff member. I worked alongside him at MCYM to bring teenagers on Fort Hood and in Killeen, Texas, to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Later on in his ministry career, Steve moved Heidi all the way to Japan. There, he continued ministering to teenagers and the families of those teenagers for the next 15 years while working in Japan to provide the majority of his own financial support. Malachi was born there, and he quickly became an important part of Steve’s life after that.

After moving back to the United States, he pursued his interest in business by becoming a life coach and a motivational speaker. Steve possessed an ability with the younger generation that is rare and not possessed by many others. His words and the manner in which he spoke had an impact on the lives of a great number of people. Heidi has picked up some part-time work since Malachi has moved out, but in order to qualify for Steve’s Social Security, she will need to wait until she is sixty years old. The memorial service, which is scheduled to take place on Steve’s birthday, January 5, 2023, will benefit from the money raised in this campaign. In addition to that, it will help with the immediate costs of living.

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