Stephen Nonn Obituary, Stephen Nonn has died – Death

Stephen Nonn Obituary, Stephen Nonn has died - Death

Stephen Nonn Obituary, Death –¬†Stephen P. Nonn, the coroner for Madison County, was able to determine the identification of the deceased guy who was found at the Philips 66 Refinery in Roxana, which is situated at 900 South Central. The location of the refinery can be found in the city of Roxana. The city of Madison is home to the refinery. The terrible incident that resulted in the loss of the man’s life occurred at the Philips 66 Refinery in Roxana, which can be found at 900 South Central Street.

In case you have a need for it, below is the address of the institution. Since the person in question worked and lived in the area at the time of the tragedy, he was personally impacted by it as a result. The city of Owensboro, which serves as his hometown, is located in the state of Kentucky. It is the place of his birth. On April 15 of this year, the terrible event that took place took happened. According to Nonn, the victim was working as a project manager for the subcontractor Sterett Crane & Rigging, which had its primary place of business at the refinery.

According to Nonn, the individual was killed in a terrible accident which ultimately took their life. During the operation of the crane, a mechanical problem revealed itself, which led to the crane becoming unstable and then falling apart into multiple pieces. This was the result of the problem. The victim was hospitalized as a direct result of the incident that took place, which caused the victim to sustain brain damage. These injuries required the victim to be treated in a medical facility “Nonn said.

A second male worker who was operating the crane at the time of the disaster also sustained injuries and was brought to a local hospital for treatment after the incident. Both of these workers were injured in the mishap. These two employees have each suffered injuries on the job. These two workers were transported to the hospital’s emergency room at the exact same time. Shelbi Frakes, an investigator with the coroner’s office, arrived at the scene at 1:13 p.m. and confirmed that the individual who had been found dead was, in fact, deceased. She was able to make this determination after determining that the person had been dead for some time. After determining that the body had been there for some time, she came to this conclusion about its whereabouts. She was the very first person to arrive at the scene of the accident after it had taken place.

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