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Shaun McCarty Death,

Shaun McCarty Death, Obituary – Shaun W. McCarty, who had spent his whole life in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, and had passed away on December 1, 2022 at the age of 79, was admitted to the hospital for a short while owing to an illness. He had been a resident of the city for his entire life. On September 9th, 1943, Shaun’s birth was celebrated by his parents, William F. McCarty and Katherine V. McCarty.

Shaun was brought into this world by his parents. (Coughlin). After graduating from Keith Academy in 1961 and receiving his diploma, Shaun continued his education at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, which is located in the province of Nova Scotia. The city of Halifax serves as the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. In the past, he had worked as a Paving Contractor, first for Eddie Walsh Paving and then, later, on his own at McCarty Brothers Paving Company, and he was very proud of the body of work he had produced during those two stints.

Even though he had retired from his position with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he took a great deal of pride in his time spent working as a member of the Athletic Grounds and Management Crew at Phillips Academy in Andover. This was after he had already retired from his position with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He cited this experience as one of the most memorable moments of his professional life.

Patricia (Vaughan) McCarty, Shaun’s wife and companion of many years prior to her passing in 2014, had been Patricia (Vaughan) McCarty for many of those years. She had been Shaun’s wife for quite some time at that point. After he has passed away, his children, Deidre (McCarty) Haley and her husband Paul Haley, together with his son Shaun McCarty and his wife Karen (McClure) McCarty, will be the ones to carry on his legacy. Deidre’s husband is Paul Haley, and Shaun’s wife is Karen (McClure).

He cherished the time he got to spend with his grandchildren, who fondly referred to him as “Big Shaun.” He had six grandchildren. He was a loving grandfather to each and every one of them. His grandchildren included Sarah McCarty, Sydney McCarty, and Shaun McCarty, as well as the Haley children Ella, Fiona, and Lola. He also had a granddaughter named Lola McCarty. Big Shaun was delighted to have the opportunity to spend his time following them around while they engaged in their mischievous activities and seeing to it that they never found themselves short of gas, McDonald’s delivery, or “backpack money.”

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