Shatzi Weisberger Obituary, Learn More About Shatzi Weisberger Death

Shatzi Weisberger Obituary

Shatzi Weisberger  Death, Obituary – Shatzi Weisberger, who passed away at the age of 92, approached death in the same way that she faced life: with an open heart and caring soul, always unafraid to accept what was unpopular. Shatzi Weisberger lived her life without fear of accepting what was unpopular. She died at the age of 92.
The nurse who had spent her entire working career as an activist made the move into the role of death educator in her latter years. She had spent her entire professional career as an activist. She fought against a culture that was morbidly afraid of death and encouraged open and honest dialogue about the unsettling moment that will come to pass for all of us.

She led workshops on the art of dying. She also fought against a culture that was morbidly afraid of death. In 2018, Shatzi planned and executed her very own FUN-eral, which subsequently became the subject of a major article in the New York Times. Friends came to her “death party,” during which they painted a biodegradable coffin while being serenaded by socially relevant songs sung by the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus, in which she sang. The songs were performed by the chorus, in which she participated. She treated this occasion as though it were her funeral. In addition to meticulously organizing this celebration, Shatzi also made meticulous preparations for the care she would get in the final moments of her life, even down to the tiniest of details.

Those who were concerned for Shatzi’s well-being saw to it that her last wishes were carried out to the letter after she passed away. Shatzi was a trailblazer in life, and she continued to be one in the afterlife with her out of the ordinary beliefs and rituals. She asserted that the fact that her great-grandfather Samuel Gompers was the one who founded the American Federation of Labor was the origin of her fiercely independent nature. Shatzi Shatzberg was born on June 17, 1930, to Joyce Shatzberg, and she was reared in a Jewish family by her mother, who was a lesbian. Shatzi’s mother was Jewish. At a young age, she began organizing demonstrations in opposition to the discriminatory redlining regulations that were prominent on Long Island at the time.

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