Ryder Sturt Obituary, Santa Barbara identifies Ventura drowning victim – Death

Ryder Sturt Obituary, Santa Barbara identifies Ventura drowning victim - Death

Ryder Sturt Death, Obituary – The body of a deceased diver from Ventura County, California, who was reported missing in the area two years ago has been positively identified as the body of the missing person whose body was recovered off the coast of Santa Cruz Island in November of this year. The diver had been reported missing in the area two years ago. Two years ago, the missing diver was said to have been last seen in the area. Ryder Sturt, who was 34 years old at the time of his death, was positively identified as the individual who had passed away by the Santa Barbara County Coroner’s Bureau. During his time in the area, Ryder Sturt called the city of Port Hueneme home.

When Sturt did not resurface on November 29, 2020 while he and a friend were tank diving for lobster near Painted Cave, it was presumed that he had drowned, and a missing person report was filed as a result of this. There were no findings made during a search of the area that was being conducted at the time by either the Sheriff’s Office or the Coast Guard. Neither organization found anything during their investigation. Neither of the organizations came up with any results. The next day, which was November 5 of this year, two recreational divers were exploring an underwater cave system in the area when they discovered the remains of a deceased diver who had been diving there.

They were able to get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office, which ultimately resulted in the body being found on November 11 somewhere close to Seal Cove. Together with the National Park Service, the Special Enforcement Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the Marine Enforcement Unit of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, we were able to accomplish this goal. After the body of the diver had been transported to the Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Bureau for further investigation after it had been brought there, the coroner’s detectives utilized rapid DNA to make a conclusive identification of the deceased diver as Sturt.

The identification was made after the body of the diver had been brought there. The coroner’s office was to blame for the unfortunate accident that resulted in the death of the diver.
At the time of Sturt’s disappearance, Raquel Zick was the spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, and she stated that the “incident does not appear suspicious in nature.”

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