Roland Dullnig Obituary, One Of The Survivors Of The 416th Bomb Group Has Died – Death

Roland Dullnig

Roland Dullnig Death, Obituary – On November 26, 2022, TSgt. Roland Dullnig, one of the last living members of the 416th Bomb Group, passed away in a calm and serene manner. He was one of the members who had survived the group’s disbandment. He was one of the few 416th Bomb Group veterans still alive at the time of the interview. The only other member of the gang who was still alive at the time of his passing, he was the only one who had survived his passing.

When he breathed his last breaths and passed away, the members of both of his families who were closest to him in terms of affection and care were gathered at his bedside. Roland devoted a significant amount of his time and efforts to the 668th Bomb Squadron Reunion over the course of several years, and as a result, he was promoted to the position of Crew Chief within the organization.

Through the years, Roland was asked to a number of reunions, and he attended each and every one of them without fail. During the entirety of his time spent in the military, Roland was an active member of the 668th Bomb Squadron. Roland served in the Air Force for a total of three years, the entirety of which was spent as an active member of the 668th Bomb Squadron. In February of the year 2020, he received the Legion of Honor award in recognition of the efforts he put to France’s defense during World War II.

The award was given to him as a token of gratitude for his service. The year 2020 saw the occurrence of several events. The award was given to him as a kind of recognition for the accomplishments that he had made in the past, and it was delivered to him. During this period of time, he was given the order to report for active duty in the military. This was the beginning of his service.

The memorial service is scheduled to take place on December 6th, and San Antonio has been selected as the location for the event. The Saint Marks United Methodist Church, which can be found at 1902 Vance Jackson, will serve as the venue for the ceremony that will take place there. The address of the church is. When people find out that he has died away, they will think of him with fondness, and when they hear the news, each of them will suffer a tremendous sense of loss since he will no longer be in their life. This is because he will no longer be able to share in their experiences.

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