Rodney Henry Obituary, Rodney Henry Has Died – Death

Rodney Henry Obituary, Rodney Henry Has Died - Death

Rodney Henry Death, Obituary – It is with a heavy heart that I have to share the news that my very dear friend and a close old-time associate, Rodney Henry James Skeet, who many of you must have met along with me in most of the events, has passed away. Rodney was a long-time associate who worked closely with me. Many of you must have known him. Today, he lost his fight against cancer and passed away. Losing a devoted coworker, devoted friend, and lovely family member is such a significant, irreplaceable personal loss for me.

I will miss them all terribly. It is impossible to predict the ways in which other people may affect your life. He was a kind coworker and had been an essential component of my working life for almost two decades, continuing to assist me with my work right up until he became unwell. For business purposes, we visited a number of different countries together. In the year 2020, he was given a diagnosis of stage four laryngeal cancer in Dubai, and he eventually lost his voice. He sought medical attention at Apollo Hospital India, where he recovered his voice after undergoing surgery.

I can still vividly recall him calling me in India to wish me a happy birthday and tell me that I had defeated cancer and was now officially cancer-free. After being released from the hospital, he went almost an entire year without any complications; however, this fatal disease manifested itself once more about two months ago. This time, he was left feeling hopeless because, according to the most recent report, the disease had progressed throughout his body to the point that it was impossible for physicians to save his life in any other way. As a result, we decided to seek palliative care in a luxurious nursing home with the assistance of trained medical staff.

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