Robert Howard Obituary, Learn More About Robert Howard Death

Robert Howard Obituary, Learn more about Robert Howard Death

Robert Howard Obituary, Death – After 35 years of operation, Star Super Market will close in the year 2020. He was a familiar face in the meat department where we worked. During this difficult time, we ask that you join us in remembering Robert’s family in your thoughts and prayers. On May 3, 2022, Robert (Bob) Howard, a husband, father, grandpa, and great-grandfather who was deeply cherished by his family, passed away quietly. He was 85. Bob had a deep affection for God, his family, education, adventure, and martinis made with Bombay Sapphire. He was frequently greeted with a martini that was already at his seat when he entered his preferred restaurants which may be why they were his favorite restaurants.

He had a curious mind, and for some reason he couldn’t figure out why it was so difficult for him to locate people who were interested in listening to lectures on string theory with him. Bob was born in the town of Blanchard in the state of Oklahoma. His mother’s name was Ruth, and his father’s name was Lowell. James was the only sibling he had. When Bob was six years old, his family made the move to Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Bob received his high school diploma from Bartlesville in the year 1954. Throughout his time in high school, he was an engaged participant in extracurricular activities and served as president of both his junior and senior classes.

Following his graduation from high school, Bob enrolled at Rice University. In 1958, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree, and in 1959, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. After that, he went to work for Shell Oil Company, where he remained employed until his retirement in 1995. His most recent role at Shell was that of Vice President of Domestic Operations Exploration and Production. In addition to that, he served as President of two Shell subsidiary firms, namely Shell Western Exploration and Production, Inc. and Shell Offshore, Inc. Bob is mainly credited with guiding Shell into the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico as well as the discovery and development of the Bullwinkle, Mars, and Ursa fields, in addition to his other accomplishments.

During his time in New Orleans, Bob was an active member of the boards of directors of the New Orleans Symphony, the Audubon Nature Institute, and the New Orleans Business Council. Following his retirement, Bob served on the boards of directors of a number of public companies, eventually stepping down from the boards of Devon Energy, Inc., Southwestern Energy, and McDermott Inc. On September 5, 1959, Bob and Helen Claunts were united in marriage in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Since they were both 16, they had a sporadic relationship, but it wasn’t until 1958 that they came to the conclusion that they should spend the rest of their lives together.

David Howard, Diana Howard (also known as Steve Pully), and Debra Ropp (also known as Lewis Ropp) are Bob and Helen’s three children (Anna Howard). Being a grandfather and even a great-grandfather brought Bob a lot of happiness throughout his life. He served as a role model for his grandchildren by demonstrating crucial life qualities such as perseverance, analytical thinking, and the ability to get a wine cork to stand erect after it had been bounced on a table. The ability to securely braid a plastic straw was one of the abilities that his grandkids valued most about their grandfather.

Nobody was able to accomplish it as well as Gramps, despite all of their efforts. Lauren Pully, whose husband is Dylan Graham, Katherine Pully, Meg Worsham, whose husband is Chris Worsham, John Ropp, whose wife is Sydney Ropp, Lyssie Ropp, Bo Ropp, Amanda Brumwell, whose husband is Rushir Patel, Rebecca Howard, Ameila Brumwell, and Parker Howard are the couple’s 10 grandchildren. They have a great-grandchild named Alyx, as well as great-grandchildren named Dale, Clark, and Owen. In 1964, Bob and Helen made the decision to become members of the Episcopal Church in Metairie, Louisiana.

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