Rita Deckard Obituary, Resident Of Marshfield has died – Death

Rita Deckard Obituary, Resident Of Marshfield has died - Death

Rita Deckard Obituary, Death – At three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, the Springfield Police Department received a report that a woman from Marshfield named Rita Deckard, 57, was driving a red 2009 Toyota Scion XB southbound on Glenstone. The vehicle was described as having been driven by Rita Deckard. Deckard was hit by a red Tesla Model 3 that was from the year 2022 when he was making a turn on the I44 ramp.

Following the incident, both automobiles made their way away from the scene of the accident. It was discovered that Deckard had died at the location where he was found. Officers rushed to the scene of the collision and blocked off a portion of Glenstone Boulevard near Interstate 44 as they investigated the incident. The driver of the Tesla and the passenger were both brought to a nearby hospital after sustaining moderate injuries in the accident.

According to Lieutenant Steve Schwind of the Springfield Police Department, motorists are advised to practice extra caution after accidents so that they do not get into further trouble during the clean-up process. First and foremost, we have an obligation to ensure that the wellbeing of everyone involved, and only when we have accomplished this will we be able to move on to guarding the area on our own.

And then there’s the scene for everyone else who might be driving by, who sees all of the lights, who hears all of the sirens, and whose attention is taken away from the road because of it all. Not only is this the scenario for the first responders, but it’s also the scene for everyone else. You should also be aware of the fact that it is not unusual for there to be more car accidents as a result of anyone failing to pay attention to the road in response to the lights, and that this is something you should be aware of. said Schwind.

However, impairment did not play a factor, and the investigation into the collision is still ongoing. The Springfield Police Department reports that speed is thought to have played a role in the collision. However, the investigation into the collision is still ongoing.

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