Ricky Jackson Obituary, Resident of Saddle Lake has passed away – Death

Ricky Jackson Obituary, Resident of Saddle Lake has passed away - Death

Ricky Jackson Death, Obituary –  Mr. Ricky Jackson, a resident of Saddle Lake, went away on November 26, 2022, when he was only 24 years old. His passing occurred on that date. Ricky Jackson, Mr., was a resident of Saddle Lake. He is survived by his family, which includes his adopted sister Caylon Ricquelle Jackson (Rudy Seenum), his adopted nephew Ronan Jackson Seenum, and his adopted niece Pearl Jackson Seenum; his partner Chelsea Roy; his adopted mother Connie Jackson; his adopted sisters Caroline Plante and Chaley Quinney (Roger Tyrlik); his adopted brothers Simona Cardinal and Matthew Cardinal; and his adopted uncles Rayburn Jackson, Flurian (Corinne) Jackson, Neil Jackson, and Neil Jackson Jr.; and his biological mother

Raymond Jackson and Matthew Cardinal both contributed to this work. He has since passed away. Ricky’s mother, Connie Melinda Quinney, and father, Donald Ricky Jackson, as well as his grandparents, Flurian Desjarlais and Rita and Austin Quinney, as well as his uncles Kenny Jackson, Emery Jackson, William Quinney, Alfred Quinney, Tony Quinney, and Charlie Quinney, and his aunt, Aleda Cardinal, all passed away before Ricky was born. Ricky’s birth was also preceded by the deaths of all of Ricky’s other relatives Donald Ricky Jackson and Connie Melinda Quinney have only ever had one child, and that is Ricky. Ricky Cardinal’s aunt Aleda Cardinal, who was also his cousin, was removed from this world prior to Ricky.

Wake services will be performed at the Ayiwakes Cultural Centre in Saddle Lake on Sunday, December 4 at three o’clock in the afternoon. The deceased was a member of the Ayiwakes First Nation. Funerals and memorial services will be held in remembrance of the deceased. The Grace Gardens will act as both the official headquarters of the gathering and the point of departure for those attending. The funeral service that will be performed on Monday, December 5 at eleven in the morning will take place at the Ayiwakes Cultural Centre, which is located in Saddle Lake. The date and time of the event have not yet been determined. The funeral is going to be held on Monday, December 5th, according to the plans. The Reverend Father Michael Ngo and other Elders will preside over the service, and the burial will take place at the United Church Cemetery in Saddle Lake after the service.

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