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Richard Odell Obituary

Richard Odell Death, Obituary – On July 22, 1934, Dick O’Dell made his debut into the world in Mattoon, Illinois. This marked the very first time that he had ever existed. His paternal grandmother’s name was Zella (Boorom) O’Dell, and his paternal grandfather’s name was Randall O’Dell. At different times throughout his stay in the United States, he resided in the cities of Mattoon, Illinois; Stewardson, Illinois; Cove, Oregon; and La Grande, Oregon. All of these places are located in the state of Oregon. His marriage to Patricia Elaine Pfel occupied a significant portion of his adult life.

She was his wife at the time. During the period that he spent working at Borden Chemical, Dick held the position of employee and participated in the company’s overall workforce. One of his favorite things to do in the great outdoors was to compete in archery shooting contests, but he also enjoyed things like camping and hiking. He also enjoyed hunting with an arrow bow, riding motorbikes, riding dirt bikes on the highway and off-road, riding snowmobiles, and riding snowmobiles. He also enjoyed hunting. He was the President of both the Grand Ronde Bowmen and the Snowdrifters at one point in the past in their respective histories.

Both of these groups are said to have been established by him. Both of these communities have, at one time or another, regarded him as a member of the community. Dick is survived by his wife Patricia “Pat”; his children Shannon Wettlaufer of Michigan, Marty O’Dell (Marsha) of Imbler, OR, and Teresa Williams (Bob) of San Antonio, TX; his sister Linda Lankow (Terry) of Stewardson, Illinois, and their children Brian (Lori) Lankow and Jon (Sherri) Lankow; and his nieces and nephews Jon Tilford, Karen Davis, and Dawn Bush. Dick passed away on The passing of Dick occurred on.

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