Reverend Lord Obituary, President Of The Greater Bridgeport NAAC Has Died – Death

Reverend Stanley Lord Death

Reverend Stanley Lord Death, Obituary – We were deeply saddened to hear of the demise of Reverend Stanley Lord, and during this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Former President of the NAACP chapter that serves the Greater Bridgeport area is a reverend by the name of Reverend Lord, who also served in that capacity in the past. As a result of the fact that he was known as a significant individual in his community, he garnered respect and affection from everyone who was in his immediate vicinity.

He attended Georgetown University, where he not only earned his degree but also played quarterback for the Georgetown Hoyas football team, which was defeated by the University of Tennessee in the 1940 Orange Bowl game despite the fact that the Georgetown Hoyas had gone unbeaten throughout the entire regular season. He was a member of the Georgetown Hoyas football team. In spite of this, he guided the squad to a perfect regular season record without dropping a single game.

He was a Marine and saw action on the islands of Bougainville and Iwo Jima while serving his country during World War II. His duty took him to both of those locations. Because of his valor, the Purple Heart was bestowed upon him. He was presented with the Silver Star medal as a token of appreciation for his service. He was a member of the Marine Corps reserve from the time he joined in 1943 until 1958, when he retired from the service with the rank of lieutenant colonel and left the Marine Corps reserve.

Mr. Reverend Lord went back to Georgetown University in order to finish up the requirements for his law degree after he had finished his time serving in the military. 1949 was the year that he started working with the United Methodist Women as a member of their staff. In 1975, he made the decision to end his career at the Welfare and Retirement Fund, where he had been serving as assistant general counsel.

1975 was the year that marked his official departure from that role in the company. After he retired, he took a job at the Department of Housing and Urban Development for approximately five years, where he was assigned to the division that was in charge of foreclosures and loans. During this time, he was there, he was given the responsibility of overseeing both of these areas.


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