Ray Peat Obituary, Ray Peat has died – Death

Ray Peat Obituary, Ray Peat has died - Death

Ray Peat Obituary, Death – Ray Peat, MD, passed away peacefully on Thanksgiving at the age of 86. The good Dr.Peat was one of my role models. Very rarely do I find myself saying that I lack heroes, but in this case I do. He took on the FBI when they tried to close down the college he had founded, the medical establishment, and, most remarkably, big pharma. All in the name of honesty and hard work. He was able to solve many mysteries of contemporary establishment medicine because he questioned the status quo of biological understanding. He didn’t try to become famous or make a big deal out of himself; instead, he ruthlessly used scientific evidence and medical research to back up every claim he made.

After hearing him talk about biology and endocrinology, we were convinced that not only did he know more than most people on Earth, but that his advice would be better for my health than anything I could get from a general practitioner. Writing a letter to Ray in Mexico (for free) seemed like a better option than going to the health clinic down the street. He was unlike any other expert in history.

Because of his tireless 80 years of study and fighting to bring it to the masses, Sila is alive and well and living a happy and healthy life today. Without Ray’s efforts, she likely would not be here or would be confined to a wheelchair or hospital. She has pushed her multiple sclerosis into a corner and beaten it senseless with sugar and fruit and happy laughter.

With sugar and co2, aspirin and SFA, progesterone and baking soda, and a hundred facts we wouldn’t have given a second’s attention to, Sila helped me make changes to my health that saved my own life in 2016-2018. She dragged me out of the depths of depression and hostility, solitude and despair, with a body that was breaking down rapidly on a dozen levels. we owe everything I know about medicine to Dr. Peat and SIla Rose. Without him, she wouldn’t have found me, and we wouldn’t have found him without her.

Quite a mysterious entanglement with a man we ‘ve never met. It became clear to me that almost everything the modern medical establishment believed was a lie in light of the vast gap between their understanding of biology and Ray’s. They were all lying about their practice. All of the medication they were trying to sell was bogus. Ray brought a lot of fascinating information to the drug table, including some substances I had never heard of before but that are now staples in our weekly or daily routines.

Never in a million years did I think I’d learn that progesterone is one of the most incredible substances known to man. CO2 levels rising? Insane, right? Nope. In other words, carbon dioxide controls oxygen levels. Taking as many as 14 aspirins every day? I mean, are you insane? In fact, salicylic acid is highly effective against cancer, reduces inflammation, and is nontoxic. How can it be that omegas 3-6 are harmful? Do you think you’re crazy? Officials insist they’re crucial.

The truth is crucial for illness. What’s next, baking soda in your drink? What, you don’t believe me? Lipolysis is inhibited and glycolysis is activated. Indulging in some honey and sugar right before bed? Insane, right? Nope, you won’t be able to get to sleep without enough sugar in your liver. Because of him, I now have a hundred arenas just like this one.
A hero has died, and you have nothing to say about it. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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