Quentin Oliver Obituary, Former Member Phantom Of The Opera Has Died – Death

Quentin Oliver Obituary

Quentin Oliver Lee Death, Obituary –After hearing the news of Quentin Oliver Lee’s passing, the Phantom family has entered a period of sorrow. This is owing to the fact that they learned of his loss. In 2018, Quentin did an outstanding job as the tour leader for our trip throughout North America. He was very organized and kept everyone on schedule. At this time, we want the family and friends of Quentin to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers and that we are thinking about them. In 2018, I had the good fortune to travel to one of his performances in San Diego, during which he performed the role of the Phantom.

I was able to witness his incredible talent firsthand. He was incredibly talented in a wide variety of areas. After the performance, I was able to get my picture taken with him, and he even autographed my Phantom Christmas tree ornament, which is something that I will always regard as being of the utmost importance to me. This is certainly an unexpected and unlucky turn of events that has taken place. Both my grandmother and I witnessed the Phantom at the same time, and it turned out to be him. Her all-time favorite musical is, without a question, The Phantom of the Opera, but she also enjoys other musicals.

Despite the fact that she had witnessed the performance quite a few times, she continued to consider Quentin to be one of her favorite Phantoms. She had watched the show quite a few times, but that did not change the fact that she cherished it. Colm Wilkinson and Ramin Karimloo are the other two individuals who are a part of this ensemble.
He will also always hold a particular place in my heart because that was the very first time I had ever watched the performance. As a result of this, he will remain ingrained in my memory forever.

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