Philip Calabrese Obituary, Oakmont Pennsylvania, has died – Death

Philip Calabrese Obituary, Oakmont Pennsylvania, has died - Death

Philip Calabrese Obituary, Death –¬†Philip N. Calabrese, who had lived there his whole life and had reached the age of 85 when he unexpectedly passed away on January 10, 2022, had spent his entire life in Saranac Lake. He had spent his entire life there. He was born on January 5, 1937 in Jersey City, New Jersey, the son of Nicholas and Rose (Calabrese) Calabrese. He was named after Nicholas’s father. Nicholas Rose Calabrese is his complete name in its entirety.

The naming of this child was in part inspired by Nicholas’s father. His mother had previously been known by her previous name, which was Calabrese, before to the birth of her son. Philip spent the last part of his life on the shores of Saranac Lake, a place that held a significant amount of significance for him and that he considered to be his spiritual home. He lived there for the last two decades of his life. This location had been his home for the all of his life. He was a sportsman, an outdoorsman, and an avid fisherman, but he also had a strong interest for gardening on top of all of those activities.

Community Lunch Box, Extra Helpings, and Grace Pantry are just a few of the organizations that benefited from Phil’s time as a volunteer with the many organizations that he worked with. In addition to that, at the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, he voluntarily contributed his time on multiple times to the development of the IPW101 Ice Palace. This was done as a volunteer. Toby and Shadow, his two cherished schnauzers, are mostly to blame for the attention and celebrity that he has gained over the years as a result of their antics.

He was a fantastic friend to everyone in the neighborhood and possessed a heart that was overflowing with generosity, selflessness, and kindness toward others. He made it a routine to go for a walk on Dewey Mountain every day, and he looked forward to it with great anticipation every time. He is survived by his daughter, Dawn Martin, who resides in Brown Mills, New Jersey; his close friend, Lissa Richardson, who resides in Ringoes, New Jersey; his two sisters, Pat Donato and Grace Hymack, who both reside in Danville.

Pennsylvania; as well as his niece Lori Fraser and nephew Craig Donato, who both also reside in Danville, Pennsylvania. He was preceded in death by his mother, Mary Martin, who resides in Danville, Pennsylvania. He is also survived by his niece Lori Fraser and his nephew Craig Donato, both of whom reside in.

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