Paulette Willingham Obituary, Learn More About Paulette Willingham Death

Paulette Willingham Death

Paulette Willingham Death, Obituary – In the home of her daughter Paulette Willingham, Paulette Willingham, who had reached the age of 79 at the time of her passing on November 25, 2022, passed away. On September 20, 1943, in the city of Chicago, Illinois, Paul and Jean Glenn became parents for the first time to their daughter, Paulette. She was only 16 years old when she wed her first husband, William Peters Jr., and the couple went on to have two children: Michael and Laura. After another three years, she met Gary M. Willingham, a man with whom she fell in love, and on November 30, 1963, she wed him.

They had been together since the beginning of those three years. They were overjoyed to welcome their children into the world and named them John, Gary, Jr., Edward, and Rachael. In 1985, Paulette and her daughter Rachael uprooted their lives and moved to Grass Valley, California. Paulette was able to fulfill her role as a mother by bringing up her daughter there. After that, she didn’t waste any time and started applying for nurse positions right away. She worked at Golden Empire in a variety of nursing roles, including that of a nurse’s assistant and a registered nurse.

In 1996, she finally got her nursing degree and began working as a registered nurse. Her accomplishment had been a long time coming. After 15 years of service on Two North at the SNMH, where she had worked, she eventually decided to retire. She participated in the activity with her friends and her son John, and it was a lot of fun. Egypt was her favorite place, and while she was there, the pyramids never failed to hold her attention in that country.

The names of her seven grandchildren are as follows: Kelly, Michael Jr., Demetris, Matthew, Ariel, Ashley, and Nicholas. In addition, she has a great-grandson who goes by the name Matthew. In addition, she is survived by her four great grandchildren, whose names are Emilio, Kale, Arya, and Amray. Her great grandchildren were her only living descendants. She took great pride in being her grandchildren’s grandma and enjoyed participating in a wide range of activities with them. Her many loves and interests were traveling to new locations, gambling at casinos, going to the movies, panning for gold, tending to her garden, and spending time with her grandchildren. She also enjoyed watching movies.

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