Patty Lucas Obituary, Resident Of North Tazewell has died – Death

Patty Lucas Obituary, Death – On Friday, December 2, 2022, at the age of 61, Patty Ann Lucas passed away in the Welch Community Hospital in Welch. Her funeral was held on Saturday, December 3, 2022. She felt most at home in the North Tazewell neighborhood of Virginia and believed that to be her permanent domicile. Her biological father was a man named Herman Joshua Hagerman, and he lived in the city of North Tazewell in Virginia.

The 8th of November, 1961 was the day she was born into this world. Patricia Green Hagerman, the mother of their future child, had already passed away by the time her husband and wife were expecting their daughter. Patricia Green Hagerman was her name at the time. Her mother, Patricia Green Hagerman, was responsible for her upbringing. During her time working at Gary’s McDowell Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, she was promoted to the role of facility manager, giving her responsibility for overseeing all administrative tasks.

Gary served as the location of the institution. Her early schooling was finished at Pineville High School and WV Tech, where she went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in social work and subsequently her master’s degree. Her current position requires her to have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. After that, she pursued a career in social service. She was a faithful adherent of God and was actively involved in the Abbs Valley Community Holiness Church in Bluefield, Virginia, where she attended worship services on a regular basis.

She held a deep reverence for the Christian faith. Not only did she pass away prior to the time of her mother’s passing, but so did their daughter Samantha Dawn Lucas. Before she did, both of their children had already passed away. In addition to this, her father had already passed away before to her departure from this world. Those who are left to honor her memory are her father, Herman Hagerman, and his wife, Nellie; her husband of forty years, Calvin Lucas, who still resides in the same house; their daughter.

Savanna Hagerman and her husband Adam, who reside in Jolo; two brothers, Herman Hagerman Jr. and his wife Morgan of Ohio, and Josh Hagerman and his wife Meggan of Pikeville, Kentucky; and three sisters, Sherry Payne of Bluefield. The funeral will be held on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at noon within the chapel of Douglas Mortuary in Welch, and the Reverend Gary Hicks will preside over the ceremony as the officiant. Immediately after the conclusion of the funeral rituals, the deceased person’s remains will be laid to rest at the Hagerman-Hess Cemetery located in Three Forks. Following the conclusion of the ritual, the body will be moved to the designated spot.

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