Paddy Mc Kenna Obituary, Former Borderline Tiles Member Has Died – Death

Paddy Mc Kenna Obituary

Paddy Mc Kenna¬† Death, Obituary – Notice of Passing and Obituary for Paddy McKenna – The information that has been posted online indicates that Paddy McKenna went away unexpectedly, leaving behind loved ones, members of his family, and the entire community in a state of sadness and anguish. “I am sorry to inform you, Mckenna (Keady previously Darkley), that your father Patrick (Paddy) passed away suddenly on November 29th, 2022. He was known as Mckenna (Keady formerly Darkley). RIP. He is a revered and cherished husband to his wife Eileen, whom he adores, in addition to being a dedicated and loving father to his children Rosemary (Donnelly), Michael, and Aidan.

He is a devoted and loving father to his children Rosemary (Donnelly), Michael, and Aidan. In addition to this, his wife Eileen holds him in the highest regard and esteem as a spouse. Rosemary (Donnelly), Michael, and Aidan count themselves fortunate to have had a dad in their father who was so committed and kind. Since Paddy McKenna passed away not too long ago, the members of the Madden Raparees GAC have been left in a condition of complete and utter despondency. This has been the case ever since. [Paddy McKenna] passed away not too long ago. Grandfather to players Pauric, Eoin, and Cahal, as well as the father of Rosie Donnelly, who is a member of the Club;

Father-in-law to Danny Donnelly, an esteemed Committee member and Club Sponsor; and Our most sincere condolences go out to every member of the family as well as all of their friends who have been affected by this tragedy. Rosie Donnelly is a member of the Club. Rosie Donnelly, who is also a member of the Club, is the daughter of Rosie Donnelly, who is the father. Rosie Donnelly is an individual that takes part in the activities that are held by the Club.

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