Owen Dunn Obituary, 18-year-old man brutal stabbing in Swindon – Death

Owen Dunn Obituary, 18-year-old man brutal stabbing in Swindon - Death

Owen Dunn Obituary, Death – At approximately 1.30 p.m. on Sunday, an assault on Torun Way, close to Thamesdown Drive, resulted in the death of Owen Dunn, age 18; he was found dead at the scene (4 December). According to statements made to the police by witnesses, the savage assault was carried out by two males wearing balaclavas and armed with knives before they ran away from the scene. In the wake of the man’s passing, several tributes have been shared across various social media platforms.

Harry Coe uploaded a happy snapshot of Owen to his Instagram account with the caption, “Lit up every room you went in.” Still unable to take everything in at this point. Have a peaceful sleep, my friend.” His girlfriend, Melissa Beeton, sent a picture of Owen on social media with the following caption: “my angel baby, I love you with my whole heart xx.” The following is an excerpt from a letter that Lauren Page wrote: I imagined this was a mistake and now i’m awake in this living nightmare. love you my baby nephew look over us and love you darling xxxx”

Jack Davis advised his brother to “always stay with family.” The words of Finley Roberts remain with me to this day: “You will always hold a special place in my heart; you touched all of our lives.” We’ll never forget you. Not simply a buddy, but also a brother for as long as we both shall live. Love you o.” Tasker Davis penned the following message to golden boy: “I love you bro, we bonded with how broken we were, we helped each other in the worst of times, golden boy you are forever in our hearts brother, I miss you dearly,” and he added that “we helped each other in the darkest of times.”

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