Nick Carroll Obituary, An Amazing Dog Handler has passed away – Death

Nick Carroll Obituary, An Amazing Dog Handler has passed away - Death

Nick Carroll Obituary, Death –  My good friend Nick Carroll, who was also an incredible dog handler, took his own life two days ago because he was bullied at school. Nick was a young man who was known for his compassion and generosity; he would assist anyone in need, regardless of whether or not he knew them. Nick and his family have been working with us to train dogs for the past 30 years, and Nick has put in a lot of effort to ensure that his service dog Deeks is well-trained. A few years ago, I went to Nick’s school to talk to the students and faculty about Deeks. I walked them through the expectations that will be placed on this team as well as the support that they will require in order to be successful. Unfortunately, by the time he was a senior, the school had stopped being accommodating.

Nick has recently developed into an excellent junior dog handler thanks to his experience with Bosley, his Great Dane, who was and still is a LOT of dog to handle. Nick never failed to give me a bear hug when we met, and he always gave me another when we parted ways. He was always very excited to tell me about new things that had happened in his life as well as the recent victories that he had achieved with his Great Danes at dog shows. Nick was an exceptionally thoughtful person; he never forgot how challenging September 11th was for me and was constantly concerned about the welfare of others. My heart aches for his mother, Denise Carroll, and his father, Kevin, as well as the rest of his family, friends, and animals who were so devoted to him. The passing of Nick is a terrible loss for everyone who knew and loved him, especially those in the dog show community. A candle has been put out too soon after it was lit.

I will miss you so much, Nick. Please give one of those wonderful hugs to my dad and rest in peace, my friend. I love you. You were the most generous and kind person I have ever known, and you are already and will continue to be greatly missed.

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