Nancy Graeme Obituary, Former Stilbaai Legend Has Died – Death

Nancy Graeme Obituary

Nancy Graeme Death, Obituary – Nancy Graeme Bryant, a resident of Stilbaai, passed away on Sunday, November 27th, at the age of 95 years old. Her passing occurred on a Sunday. The funeral was held on the Monday, the 28th of November, which was the month of November. Both she and her late husband, Ted, were committed bowls players who experienced a great deal of success for Stilbaai in a variety of events. They both won a lot of games for Stilbaai throughout the years. Ted was a member of the club for a good portion of its existence. Ted joined his grandmother, who was affectionately known as Nanna Nan, in playing the game.

Nanna Nan was Ted’s nickname for his grandmother. Over the course of a good number of years, the land on the couple’s farm in Riverdale, which they had given the name Oudemouragie, had been the primary focus of the couple’s labor. They ultimately decided that Stilbaai would be the best place to spend their retirement years. They purchased a plot of property from Jan Kallie in Stilbaai. The land was situated in the same area as the well-known “Boom CafĂ©,” which was well-known for feeding the local populace with fresh vegetables. They used the money from the land purchase to build a house. The land consisted of a house that was situated on top of a plot of land.

Due she was a devoted Christian who attended the Stilbaai United Church, the news of her passing is certain to create a significant and long-lasting influence on a wide number of people. This is because of the church that she attended. In addition, the news of her departure is likely to come as a surprise to a great number of individuals. Judy, Gavin, and Christopher are her children, and once she passes away, it will be up to them to continue the family business after it has been in their family for generations.

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