Muriel Currie Obituary, Muriel Currie has died – Death

Muriel Currie Obituary, Muriel Currie has died - Death

Muriel Currie Obituary, Death –¬†Muriel Edith Currie is one of the names that has been suggested for this person. She passed away peacefully in the wee hours of the morning on December 1, 2022, not too far from the Fairview Manor, which is located in Almonte. She did not experience any agony or suffering in her passing. Her family and friends were present to show their support.

Muriel, whose maiden name was Sadler, spent the bulk of her life on the farm that is located on Currie Side Road, and she ultimately passed away there when she was 91 years old. Muriel’s maiden name was Sadler. Even though Pakenham was not her place of birth, she did end up spending the majority of her life there. Her passing occurred prior to that of her husband, George Thomas Currie, who had already passed away before to her own demise.

Her passing occurred before her husband’s passing. In the years to come, her dedicated son, Kevin George Currie, will carry on the family company that has been in her family for generations (Wendy). She was a beloved and devoted daughter to her late parents, Gordon and Myrtle Sadler, as well as a loving and devoted sister to her late brothers, Earl and Stuart Sadler. Both of her parents and both of her brothers passed away before she was born. Her parents and brothers had all passed away prior to her passing away. Her brothers and both of her parents have passed away already.

She is the only member of her family still living. Her brother Art Sadler, as well as her sisters-in-law Patricia Sadler and Maryann Sadler, are among the people who are able to recall her after her passing away. Other people who are able to do so include her husband (the late Phyllis). Her great-granddaughter, Ruby Marie Heinrichs, offers her warmest wishes to her granddaughters Melissa Marie Currie (Gilberto) and Aimie Lynn Currie (Brandon), wishing them the best of luck in their new responsibilities as grandparents. Ruby Marie Heinrichs is her great-granddaughter.

A beloved niece of Flora Sadler’s who moved away not too long ago. Her nieces, nephews, and other relatives and friends, along with other friends and acquaintances, will miss her terribly. Other friends and acquaintances will also miss her greatly. Similar sentiments are likely to be shared by one’s other peers and acquaintances. You are welcome to make a contribution in memory of Muriel to either the Heart and Stroke Foundation or the Almonte General Hospital Fairview Manor Foundation if you so choose. She would be honored by your thoughtfulness. These two groups are working to advance important and worthwhile issues. Either of these organizations would be extremely grateful to receive a contribution such as yours.

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