Mildred Fridy Obituary, Wade’s Restaurant Employee has died – Death

Mildred Fridy Obituary, Wade's Restaurant Employee has died - Death

Mildred Fridy Death, Obituary – This week, the workers and patrons of a well-known restaurant in the upstate region are grieving the death of a member of their community with heavy hearts due to the passing of the individual. The establishment can be found within the neighborhood. The sad news that a woman who had worked at Wade’s Restaurant in Spartanburg for more than three decades had passed away was shared with the community on the establishment’s Facebook page. Wade’s Restaurant was located in Spartanburg. This information is confirmed by the material that is included in the obituary, which shows that Mildred Fridy passed away on November 20 at the age of 94. Her obituary states this information.

She had worked as a cashier at the restaurant in Spartanburg for more than 30 years, and she continued to work there right up to the day she turned 89 years old. The Lindsey family, who owns Wade’s, purportedly “adopted” Mildred during the course of her life and called her Mimi. This is according to what was reported in her obituary, which can be viewed here. Her position at Wade’s “allowed her to keep one eye on the till while knitting, and studying the younger Lindsey family behind the counter,” according to the obituary that was published about her when she passed away.
According to the obituary, “Mildred met scores of presidential candidates at Wade’s; nevertheless, what she really enjoyed doing was getting to know her Spartanburg neighbors.”

(Mildred’s life in Spartanburg was memorialized via an online monument.) “She was a genius at the cash register, dazzling the younger generation with her ease at counting back change long before and after the computerized register handled the math.” She was a prodigy when it came to working the register. When it came to operating the cash register, she was a child prodigy. Mildred Fridy’s visitation will take place on Friday evening at six o’clock at Floyd’s Greenlawn Chapel in Spartanburg, which is located at 2075 East Main Street. You may find the chapel by using these directions: On Saturday, there will be a funeral ceremony held at First Baptist Spartanburg, which can be found at 250 E. Main Street. The ceremony is scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. The funeral service will be held in Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, which is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, at 1300 Fernwood-Glendale Road. This location will also serve as the location of the burial.

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