Mildred Ceceilia Obituary, Mildred Ceceilia Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Mildred Ceceilia Obituary, Mildred Ceceilia Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Mildred Ceceilia Death, Obituary – We are very sorry to be the ones to break the news to you, but Mildred Ceceilia Awkward has passed away. She was well-liked and respected by everyone in our neighborhood. During this difficult time, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Because there is no other option, we are going to have to continue forward with a sad heart and in this manner. Although she is no longer with us, her loved ones, friends, and anybody who followed her recipe for cold-oven pound cake this year will always have her memory with them.

This is true even though she is no longer physically present. This is the case despite the fact that she is not currently accessible in the physical world. In spite of the fact that she is not immediately reachable in the material world, this is the situation that has arisen. On the occasion of Mildred Ceceilia’s passing, the members of the Laurel Historical Society would like to offer their most sincere condolences to the Awkward family and wish them peace and comfort. This message is being sent in response to the news of Ceceilia’s passing.

As a response to the heartbreaking news that Ceceilia has passed away, here is the reaction. On Friday, December 16th, the viewing will start at six o’clock in the evening and continue all the way up until eight o’clock in the evening. The ceremony will take place in the St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, which is located in the town of Laurel in the state of Maryland. It is possible to find the United Methodist congregation at 601 Eighth Street, Laurel, Maryland 20707, which is also the address of the building in which the United Methodist congregation holds its weekly worship services. The United Methodist congregation is a part of the United Methodist Church.

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