Mikayla Laurenson Obituary, Learn more about Mikayla Laurenson Death

Mikayla Laurenson Obituary, Learn more about Mikayla Laurenson Death

Mikayla Laurenson Death, Obituary –  Mikayla’s parents took her to the pediatrician when she was 16 months old because, despite their best efforts to assist her, she was still having trouble walking steadily and frequently tripping over things. The pediatrician’s working premise was that the issue was caused by Mikayla’s hips, and he speculated that this was where the problem originated. Mikayla had a seizure in the evening of the same day, which is what prompted her transportation to the emergency hospital. In spite of the fact that her temperature was dangerously high, the medical staff at the emergency center decided to keep her there for the night.

The reason given for this decision was that her temperature was dangerously high. Mikayla was sent to a children’s physiotherapist, who, after evaluating her, told Mikayla’s parents that it appeared as though Mikayla suffered from cerebral palsy. Mikayla was taken to the physiotherapist because her parents were concerned about her condition. Because Mikayla’s parents were concerned about her condition, they took her to see a physiotherapist. Cerebral palsy was identified as Mikayla’s condition following more testing. However, it was found out that Mikayla has a genetic condition that is extremely rare and is called metachromatic leukodystrophy. This condition affects her white blood cells.

Unfortunately, there is currently neither a treatment option nor a solution available for this ailment at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. They cautioned Mikayla’s parents that if she continues to struggle with this illness, she will eventually stop walking, talking, and swallowing, go blind, develop dementia, have more seizures, and become very floppy. If she continues to struggle with this illness, they said, she will eventually stop struggling with this illness. They predicted that if she kept fighting against this illness to the best of her ability, she would eventually overcome it and be free from its effects. In the event that she does not get treatment, her condition will continue to deteriorate in the coming days and weeks.

In April of 2007, Mikayla’s inability to walk was discovered for the first time. In June of that same year, she also stopped speaking and sitting in an upright position. By July 2007, Mikayla had lost the ability to swallow her food without the assistance of a feeding tube, and by this point, she had very little control over the movement of her head. In addition, she had lost the ability to speak.
On August 11, 2007, Mikayla’s mother went into her bedroom, where she found her daughter, and found her lying on her back in the bed. “8-11-2007” was what was written in the appropriate spot on the calendar. She let out a loud yell as she rolled over onto her back and then onto her stomach. Mikayla was examined, and the doctor confirmed that while she was in their care, she experienced an episode of convulsions. In addition to this, the doctor confirmed that Mikayla had convulsions.

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