Micah McManus Obituary, Micah McManus Has Sadly Passed Away Leaving Parents Heart Broken – Death

Micah McManus Obituary

Micah McManus Death, Obituary – Micah McManus, a small child who was the image of purity and beauty, was snatched from this world on the evening of November 30. His passing came as a shock to the entire globe. Micah passed died in Albany Medical Center at an untimely age, and both of his parents, Keri-Sue Lewis and Dan McManus, were present with him at the moment of his passing. Micah’s death was a tragedy. Micah was in the process of waiting to undergo treated for a COVID infection when he suffered a blood clot that ultimately proved fatal. He was a mind that was astute, compassionate, and endowed with talent.

He placed a high value on his loved ones, particularly his sister Chloe, as well as his farm, his friends, music, and spending time outside. He expressed joy at the prospect of spending another day among us on this planet. He cherished his wife and children, as well as his farm, his friends, music, and the great outdoors. His family and friends are inconsolable over the senseless loss of him and are unable to conceive of or make sense of a world or life without him. They are unable to find any comfort in the fact that he is no longer with them. At the Christian Community Church located at 10 Green River Ln. in Hillsdale, New York, there will be calling hours on Monday, December 5 from nine in the morning to eleven in the morning.

After this, there will be a service at 11 in the morning. The family of Micah has requested that everyone who wishes to join together and commemorate Micah’s time on earth do so at this particular place. The Christian Community Church is thankful for all of the beautiful flower arrangements that are given. Please respect the family’s need for privacy and space as they work hard to accept the death of their sweet child and begin the arduous process of grieving for them. This is a difficult time for everyone involved.

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