Matthew Smith Obituary, Quincy Man Dies In Accident Near Clayton – Death

 Matthew Smith Death

 Matthew Smith Death, Obituary – A man who lived in the Quincy region lost his life in a car accident that took place on Thursday afternoon in the Clayton neighbourhood. The tragedy took place in the neighborhood of Clayton. The victim was a native of the area who had been working in the Quincy area at the time of the incident. The man unfortunately passed away as a sad and tragic aftereffect of the occurrence, which had the unfortunate consequence of taking his life as a result of the bad consequence of taking his life.

Because there was only one car involved in the activity that took place, there was only one vehicle involved in the collision that took place. This was due to the fact that there was only one vehicle involved in the event that took place. Near approximately 4:34 in the afternoon, it was reported that a collision took place at the intersection of North 1440th Avenue and East 2950th Street. The Adams County Sheriff’s Department was made aware of the situation after receiving the notification. When we were told about the event, we were told that it took place in the middle of the intersection where everyone was standing.

It sounds like you’re looking for a crossroads, and the best place to find one is in Adams County, which is where you should head. Deputy sheriffs were dispatched to the scene of the accident as soon as it was brought to the attention of the sheriff’s office that there had been a collision at the location in question. Their mission was to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident. The Chevrolet automobile that was involved in the event that took place was driven by Matthew Smith, who was also a participant in the incident.

Smith was the one who should have known better and avoided the mishap. Matthew Smith had already reached the age of forty when the incident occurred in the year 2010, which took place in the year 2010. The event in issue took place at some point during the year in question, but the exact date is unclear. When emergency medical professionals rushed him to Blessing Hospital in Quincy, he was in a critical condition; regrettably, he did not survive his time spent at the facility and instead passed away rather than surviving his time there.

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