Mary Collins Obituary, Corrections Officers. LCpl Has Passed Away – Death

Mary Collins Obituary, Corrections Officers. LCpl Has Passed Away - Death

Mary Collins Death, Obituary – With a heavy and saddened heart, we are passing on the news that one of our Corrections Officers has passed away. We will miss him. Over the past few days, Lance Corporal Mary Collins had been battling illness, but she lost her fight this past weekend. Mary has spent the last 12 years of her professional career working for the Horry County Sheriff’s Office. Most recently, she has held the position of Housing Unit Manager at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. Those who were in Mary’s inner circle and spent the most time with her observed that she was intimidating but yet have a good sense of humor.

A sergeant named Sandy Lowe said that “she always had us giggling in stitches” whenever she was around. Deputy Sally Graham referred to her as “the sister I never had” when referring to the target. “She was the older sister I never had,” the speaker said. “In return for the help that I gave her, she would visit me at my home and offer her support to me at various times.” According to Director Marcus Rhodes, Mary was said to have arrived at work fully prepared to get things done as soon as she got there. “She never ventured out of the house without a pocket stuffed with pens, highlighters, and notepads, and the hues of her writing were as varied as the spectrum.

Mary was a remarkable person, “It was his reply. She was a diligent employee in the government sector, which was her primary occupation. Sheriff Phillip Thompson claims that an event of that nature will be impossible for the suspect to forget. “She was the kind of person who put a lot of work into whatever she did. It was common known to avoid Mary in any way that could provoke her. Because Mary was, well, Mary, we liked her. It was as simple as that.”

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