Mark Doherty Obituary, Native Of Portugal Dies At Age 68 – Death

Mark Doherty Obituary

Mark Doherty Death, Obituary – It was discovered that Mark Doherty, who had formerly resided at 68 Thorndale in Letterkenny, which is located in Donegal County, Ireland, had suddenly passed away in Portugal. Letterkenny is the county seat of Donegal County. His body was located in the nation of Portugal when it was discovered. During this time, he was discovered in Europe and accorded acclaim there.

She is not only one of Ann’s most devoted and prized companions, but she is also Ciaran’s most devoted and valuable parent. In addition, she is one of Ann’s most committed and prized companions. Willie Strabane and Harriette Strabane had both passed away before he did, therefore neither of his parents is alive now. His father’s name was Willie, and his mother’s name was Harriette.

As a direct result of his passing, all of his siblings, including his brothers Terry, Kevin, Liam, and Paul, as well as his sister Mary in Strabane and his sister Aileen in London, will experience a significant amount of anguish. Mary will be in Strabane, and Aileen will be in London. His passing will cause a great deal of pain for all of his siblings. This information will have a significant impact on all of his siblings, including each and every one of his children. The McAlaney family will never be able to stop thinking about Carrigart without feeling an overwhelming sense of sorrow in their hearts. This is something that will never change.

His extended family, his neighbors, and his golfing friends all had fond memories of him, as did everyone else who knew him and had the chance to interact with him. He was well liked and respected by everyone he met. On top of that, he was well-liked and respected all over the neighborhood where he lived. I ask God to give him the kind of peace that can’t be described in words. Please hear my prayer and answer it.

Beginning on the Sunday the 4th of December, the process of Mark’s mortal remains being laid to rest at his family home in Thorndale will get under way. Mark’s family home is located in Thorndale. After the funeral liturgy that will be held on Tuesday, December 6 at 11 am in the Church of the Irish Martyrs in Letterkenny, the burial will take place in Umlagh Cemetery, which is located close to Carrigart.

The funeral liturgy and the burial will both take place on Tuesday, December 6. On Tuesday, December 6, both the funeral and the burial will take place for the deceased. The ceremony associated with the funeral will take place at the appointed time. The Funeral Mass was captured on video and posted to the website of the Church of the Irish Martyrs so that it could be viewed by anyone, at any time, no matter where they were located in the world.

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