Mark Cathey Obituary, Former U.S. Special Forces Taps Member Has Passed Away – Death

Mark Cathey Obituary

Mark Cathey Death, Obituary – As a result of the terrible news that Mark Cathey has passed away, we find ourselves in the unenviable position of having to express our most sincere condolences and share how profoundly we are impacted by this loss. We are sorry for your loss and we are deeply affected by it. Mark passed away in an unforeseen manner on November 18, 2022. He was survived by his two children, Kyle and Seth. Nothing about the chain of circumstances that led up to his death could be considered typical. Mark was able to successfully complete the wedding ceremony.

The funeral services are going to be held on Wednesday, December 7th, as this has been determined to be the most appropriate time by the preparations that have been made. At the Shrine of Rememberance, guests can begin checking in at the front desk as early as eleven in the morning. It is the responsibility of the guests to carry their own flashlights with them. The gathering is scheduled to start on time at 11:30 in the morning, and it is anticipated that it will go for the greater part of an hour total. After that, at one o’clock in the afternoon, we will depart for the Pike Peak Veterans Cemetery, which is located at 10545 Drennan Road in Colorado Springs, Colorado 80925, in order to take part in a graveside service that will include military honors.

The Pike Peak Veterans Cemetery can be found at the following address: Colorado Springs, Colorado 80925. In honor of those who have honored our country by serving in the armed forces, a memorial service will be performed. In the city of Colorado Springs, the location of the cemetery may be found at 10545 Drennan Road, and the zip code for the surrounding region is 80925. Brother, I will continue this chat with you at a later point in time when I come in touch with you at a later point in time.

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