Marisol Gollnick Obituary, Learn More About Marisol Gollnick Death

Marisol Gollnick Obituary, Learn More About Marisol Gollnick Death

Marisol Gollnick Obituary, has died – Death Ms. Marisol worked as a teacher’s aide at Brevard Academy for six years. She spent her day with just one class, yet she had an impact on every single person who worked or studied there. Every morning, she woke up hours before sunrise to get started on her day. She monitored pupils who arrived early and began preparing coffee for bus drivers and staff members.

She came in as a fluent Spanish speaker to assist in maintaining our Spanish program and routinely acted as an interpreter for families that spoke only Spanish at home. Ms. Marisol often showed up to school parties and sporting events. She enjoyed the community we formed at Brevard Academy. Each and every student on school considered her to be their number one fan. We shall miss her terribly, but we promise to carry her spirit forward in everything we do. The news of Ms. Marisol’s death will be broken to the students tomorrow by the guidance counselors. You’ll find a helpful resource for conducting discussions on loss and mourning down below.

Please feel free to communicate this news in the way you feel is most appropriate for your family. Ms. Marisol was a shining example of all that makes Brevard Academy special. Every day, she exemplified the definition of a bulldog. At the Winter Concert and the Friday Morning Assembly, we will dim the lights and sing the school hymn by electronic candlelight in her honor. Ms. Marisol’s favorite color was purple.

We ask all students to wear purple to honor her on Friday. There will be an opportunity to write a card to Ms. Marisol’s husband during both the Winter Concert and throughout the week. If you would want to drop off a card in the front office, please feel free. Later today, you will hear my regular Sunday Message. In that message, you will hear me refer to the past week as a terrific week back from Thanksgiving.

It was a terrific week, the kind of week that would have put a smile on Ms. Marisol’s face. We launched our home basketball season, conducted a fantastic middle school dance, participated in the parade, and student’s got right back into the swing of school after being out a week. Ms. Marisol always worked to celebrate small victories while continuing to strive for the larger prize. It was in her nature to urge us all to be better. This is the true spirit of a BA Bulldog and the spirit that Ms. Marisol displayed every day.

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