Marie Alexander Obituary, Marie Alexander has died – Death

Marie Alexander Obituary, Marie Alexander has died - Death

Marie Alexander Obituary, Death – A aid to the victim. The Los Angeles Police Department said that the event took place on Thursday night about 11 o’clock in the evening near to the intersection of 109th Street and Central Avenue. Surveillance cameras placed in the market just in front of where the event took place were able to record the incident on tape as it occurred. The woman, whose family has identified as Marie Alexander, was apparently struck by a Chevrolet vehicle of a dark hue while she was attempting to cross the street, according to the authorities.

The woman’s family has identified her as Marie Alexander. The driver of the vehicle did not come to a complete stop. During her interview with Eyewitness News, Angela Hicks, who is the victim’s niece, was overcome with grief. She spoke to whoever was out there, saying, “Whoever you are, I need you to know that you took somebody very, very dear to us.” They stated, “She has relatives and we love her, and we are not going to let this go,” indicating that they had no intention of dropping this matter.

This is not something that we are going to let go of.” Her friends and family describe her as a woman who is very loving and who acts as an ambassador to their family. Alexander’s relatives also speak highly of her. We are going to carry on with our inquiry into the matter in order to determine who was to blame for what took place with her… She was very important to our family, and we will continue to fight for her and for justice as long as we live,” Hicks continued. “She was somebody,” you might say.

The owners of a market that is situated close to the location of the collision have stated that the area is dangerous for pedestrians and that there is a problem with the lighting on the street. They also mentioned that the collision has caused a problem with the lighting on the street. In recent times, and especially in recent times, there has been a discernible darkening in the sky. There are no lights, and there are a lot of hit-and-runs and accidents involving cars that happen here frequently. Valeria Cordero issued a cautionary statement, stating, “It’s a Dangerous Street.” The owners of the market went outside after hearing a loud bang that sounded like something was being smashed, and they found the woman lying on the ground. It was determined that she had died at the location where she was found.

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