Margaret Dodd Obituary, Beloved Member Of Salford Lourdes Pilgrimage Family Dies – Death

Margaret Dodd Death

Margaret Dodd Death, Obituary – After hearing that Margaret Dodd had died away not too long ago, we were left in a state of full disbelief and were overcome with a profound sense of loss. We were rendered completely unable to believe what had just occurred and were hit with an immense feeling of loss. The information that was provided to us came as a complete surprise, and it rocked the both of us to the core.

Margaret was regarded in extremely high regard by everyone in the Salford Lourdes pilgrimage family, and she had a wonderful relationship with each and every member of the family. In addition to being a part of our Heywood & Middleton Group, she volunteered for a significant amount of time at Lourdes over the course of several years. During the time that she was stationed at that area, she contributed a sizeable amount of her free time to the organization in question by working as a volunteer.

On Wednesday, December 7th, at 11:00 in the morning, Our Lady and St. Joseph’s Church in Heywood will be the location of the Requiem Mass that will be held for Margaret. The 30th of November saw the passing of Margaret. On December 2nd, Margaret passed away after a long battle with cancer. Margaret, who had been battling cancer for a very long time, passed away on December 2nd.

Please click on the link that has been provided below for additional information regarding the funeral, as well as for additional information regarding the numerous charitable organizations that Margaret was a supporter of, and to which her family would like to encourage you to consider making a donation in her memory. This information can be found by clicking on the link that has been provided below.

We ask that you keep Margaret, her husband David, and the rest of Margaret’s family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this challenging time. We are aware that they could benefit from having your assistance. During this trying time, we want to let Liam, Margaret’s son, and the rest of her family know that we are thinking about and praying for all of them.

To the extent that God is gracious and merciful, it is my fervent prayer that her soul, along with the souls of all the good people who have passed away, may at long last discover peace and tranquility in whatever realm they are destined to occupy. This is my fervent prayer because I believe that God is merciful and generous.

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