Madison Mogen Obituary, 4 UI students were slain with a “edged weapon,” – Death


Madison Mogen Obituary, Death –  According to statements made by police on Tuesday, investigators are working on the assumption that an edged weapon was used in the murders of four students attending the University of Idaho. The four students who were discovered dead inside a house close to the university on Sunday are all being referred to as victims in the investigation, according to the officials. According to the authorities, no weapons have been found so far; nevertheless, based on the evidence that has been gathered so far, “investigators suspect that an edged weapon such as a knife was used,” said Captain Anthony Dahlinger of the Moscow Police Department in a statement. There is not a single suspect who is being held in custody. It is possible that the results of the autopsies that are expected to be performed later this week will provide further insight into the precise cause of death. The Moscow Police Department has not commented on whether or whether investigators have identified any suspects, but they have maintained in a statement that the deaths took place in “an isolated, targeted act,” and that there is no immediate threat to the city as a whole. The police have stated that there is not a wider risk based on the evidence found at the scene; however, they have not offered any information regarding this evidence or the reasons why they believe the victims were targeted.

The bodies of the students were found by police just before noon on Sunday as they responded to a complaint of an unconscious individual at a home a few feet away from the campus in Moscow, Idaho. Ethan Chapin, who was 20 years old and from Conway, Washington; Madison Mogen, who was 21 years old and from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Xana Kernodle, who was 20 and from Avondale, Arizona; and Kaylee Goncalves, who was 21 and from Rathdrum, Idaho, were named as the victims. According to the Moscow Police Department, the fatalities have been classified as “homicides.” Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson stated that he is aware that the claims made by the police that the general public is not in any immediate danger appear to be in conflict with the facts that have been disclosed up until this point concerning the homicides. “Obviously, there is no way police can say that there is no risk, but what they’re seeing indicates that there’s not a risk that this person will randomly attack people,” Thompson said, noting that it’s also not yet clear if it was one attacker or more than one attacker. “What they’re seeing indicates that there’s not a risk that this person will randomly attack people,” Thompson said.

According to Thompson, “I don’t think they’re going to foreclose the notion that it may be one or several persons,” but at this time, “they do not know who is responsible.” According to the police department, investigators are currently attempting to compile a timeline of the activities that the victims participated in before their deaths. According to Thompson, this includes analyzing footage taken from a Twitch livestream that depicted two of the victims speaking and grabbing a late-night lunch from a food truck in the hours leading up to the murders. Thompson stated that “they are in the process of identifying the other persons who were present” at the food truck, adding that “they are also looking into what kind of contact did they have.”

According to the university, Chapin was a first-year student and a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, and Kernodle was a junior studying in marketing and a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. Both of them were affiliated with the Pi Beta Phi sorority. According to the university, Mogen was a senior who majored in marketing and was a member of Pi Beta Phi, while Goncalves was a senior who majored in general studies and was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority. Both women were involved with the Alpha Phi sorority. The university also had a different hometown stated for Chapin and Kernodle than the locations that were listed in the release from the Moscow Police Department. According to the university, Chapin was originally from Mount Vernon, Washington, and Kernodle was originally from Post Falls, Idaho. According to a post made on the business’s Facebook page, Mogen and Kernodle were employed at Mad Greek, a family-owned restaurant that is located little over a mile from the residence where the students were discovered. The proprietors of the business penned a warm and sincere letter of appreciation to the two kids.

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