Louise Patterson Obituary, President and CEO of COGIC dies at age 84 – Death

Louise Patterson Obituary, President and CEO of COGIC dies at age 84 - Death

Louise Patterson Obituary, Death – Friends and admirers recalled Louise Patterson, president and CEO of Bountiful Blessings Ministries and a renowned COGIC evangelical leader, as a legendary figure who had left a lasting imprint on the region via the acts of generosity and kindness she had performed throughout her life. Patterson passed away on Sunday evening at the age of 84. A family spokesman stated that Patterson passed away at home in a calm and serene manner.

Patterson was married to the late Bishop Gilbert Earl (GE) Patterson, who served as the former presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ, the biggest Pentecostal denomination in the world. Bishop Gilbert Earl (GE) Patterson passed away in 2005. According to people who knew her and loved the humanitarian work she did, Louise Patterson made effective use of the large platform afforded to her by her position as COGIC’s first lady during her husband’s stint as presiding bishop.

Patterson took over as leader of Bountiful Blessings Ministries after the death of her husband in 2007. She also serves as the general manager of WBBP radio station and the president of Podium Records. Her husband passed away in 2007. In addition to that, she is the author of the book “A Real Pearl.” Bishop Milton R. Hawkins, the senior pastor of Temple of Deliverance COGIC, said in a statement, “As the co-founder of the Temple of Deliverance/Bountiful Blessings Ministry, she and her late husband, my uncle, Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson, served millions and impacted countless lives.”

Bishop Patterson was the co-founder of the Temple of Deliverance along with her late husband. “Evangelist Patterson was well-known for her selfless acts of charity and the many acts of kindness she performed for other people. She will be remembered as a figure of grace and mentorship in the body of Christ since she was an iconic figure in the church. She never failed to make a colossal announcement whenever she entered a room.

David Porter, a songwriter for Stax Records and a legendary figure in the Memphis music scene, stated that the first time he saw Patterson was when he was just out of high school and working as an insurance salesman at the same location where she worked as a secretary. Porter stated that there was a sense of dignity and just style about her, which was a clear indicator to me that she had a future in life. “There was a sense of dignity and just style about her,” We were all in our early twenties. Therefore, at that moment, I witnessed a trait being exhibited by a lady and seeing it in action in a domain that had an effect on a global scale.

Porter is quite pleased to have been the one to introduce Patterson to her eventual spouse. According to Porter, he convinced G.E. Patterson to visit the office, and there he was introduced to Louise Patterson. Porter stated that he didn’t detect any signs of a future romance in their initial meeting, but he subsequently found out that they had been dating. Porter said he was surprised by this development.

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