Larry Woodward Obituary, Learn More About Larry Woodward Death

Larry Woodward Obituary, Learn More About Larry Woodward Death

Larry Woodward Obituary, Death –¬†Larry Woodward passed away on July 3, 2021, in the ease and comfort of his own home in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He had lived a long and fruitful life up until that point. In the year 1942, Harry and Isabel Woodward, who lived in Avondale, Pennsylvania, became the proud parents of a son, who would be their only child. Octorara High School was the institution where he received his education and ultimately acquired his diploma.

In addition to this, Larry attended Delaware Community College throughout his whole life and has always regarded the region close to East Branch Brandywine Creek to be his home. He also went to Delaware State University. He was a native of Delaware having been born and raised there. In addition to being the owner and operator of the cylinder head specialist company that was located on bridge Rd. in Brandywine, he was also a very proud and loyal AA member who helped his local community and friends. His AA business was located on bridge Rd. in Brandywine. It was well known that he took great delight in his work with the AA.

Larry was preceded in death by both of his parents, his two sisters, Lana Gill (Earl Shortledge) and Rita Woodward-Phillos, as well as by his son, Larry Woodward II, and by his niece, Missy Gill. In addition, Larry was predeceased by his son, who was also named Larry. In addition, Larry was predeceased by his son, Larry Woodward III, who was also named Larry. Patty, who has been in a relationship with Larry for a very long time, will carry on his legacy.

Randy and Diane Woodward, his son and daughter-in-law, his grandchildren Randy Woodward Jr., Larry Woodward III, Kayla Woodward, Melissa Woodward-Witwer (Bill Witwer), and Debra Pugh, his great-grandchildren, and his niece Stephanie Lucas and nephew Steven Johansen will also survive him. Larry is survived by his immediate family as well as his friends and his extended relatives. He will be greatly missed.

Larry will be remembered for the large Brandywine celebrations he threw throughout his life, his large heart and his equally large spirit, as well as the numerous racing and hot rod accomplishments he racked up along the road. Larry passed away on January 15, 2019. The passing of Larry occurred on April 15, 2018. After his passing, there is no doubt that he would have regretted not being able to drive his antique and classic automobiles around West Chester. He was the last living member of his generation, and there is little question that he would have felt this way. There are going to be a lot of people who miss him, but his family will miss him the most. No one else will miss him as much.

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