Larry Johnson Obituary, Former fire chief and fire fighter has died – Death

Larry Johnson Obituary, Former fire chief and fire fighter has died - Death

Larry Johnson Death, Obituary – Larry R. Johnson, who was a native of Rock and had spent his whole life in the city, passed away on Friday, December 2, 2022, in the company of his family members at the residence he shared with them. He had 83 years under his belt. The memorial services are scheduled to take place today at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. On the following Thursday, the 8th of December, at the Douglas Christian Church where the event would take place. He was born in Rock on March 17th, 1939, and his parents were Frank and Margaret (Susie) (Leayman) Johnson. His birthday is March 17th. The 17th of March was the day he was born.

He was the son of his mother and father. At the Green Valley School, where he spent his childhood in Rock and obtained both his primary education and elementary schools, he was able to complete his education. In 1957, he completed his high school education at Winfield and was granted a certificate upon completion of his studies there. At the Rock Christian Church, Larry was a member of the congregation and could be seen there on a regular basis. On June 7, 1959, he tied the knot with Sharon Brister, and this momentous occasion marked the beginning of his life as a married man. After they had tied the knot, they were blessed with three children, all of whom were brought up on the farm that the couple had purchased together by the time they reached adulthood. By the time he went away in 2018, Sharon had already left this world.

After that, Larry spent the next 21 years of his working life at Cessna, devoting his entire professional existence to the company. After that, he began his search for employment and ultimately chose to work at William Newton Hospital. He was working there until the year 2001, when he eventually decided to resign from his position there. Since 1939, Larry’s family has owned the farm, and in Larry’s spare time, he enjoyed nothing more than putting in a few hours of hard labor on the property whenever he had the opportunity. The honor of calling him “Poppy Now” has been bestowed upon Larry by all of his nine great-grandchildren and eight grandchildren. In total, he has a total of nine generations of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Before Larry Johnson’s passing, he was preceded in death by his parents, two brothers, Bob Johnson and Jimmy Johnson, and his wife. All of these people had predeceased him. In addition to this, Larry predeceased his wife when she passed away. The children of Larry are Debi (Steve) Snell of Winfield, Brett (Marla) Johnson of Kirbyville, Missouri, and Robin Johnson of Rock. He is also survived by his great-grandchildren Maggie and Brenna, as well as his grandchildren Shane Snell, Lindsey (Josh) Rice, Jaime (Josh) Farmer, Stephanye (Glenwood) Edwards, Jeremiah Johnson, Joeni Johnson, Andrew Johnson, and Tad Johnson. In addition, his grandchildren Shane Snell, Lindsey (Josh) Rice, Jaime (Josh) Farmer, and

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