Larry Derrer Obituary, Former Member Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance Has Died – Death

Larry Derrer Obituary, Former Member Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance Has Died - Death

Larry Derrer Death, Obituary – We were shocked to learn of Larry Derrer’s demise, and we wanted to let anybody who might be interested know that there will be a gathering held tomorrow at the Shops at Agora from 8:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the afternoon. The gathering will be conducted in his honor. Throughout the course of their time together, Larry traveled around the downtown area quite a bit. And when we say “a large amount,” we really mean it! He left the house to go shopping. He ate his meal with a ravenous appetite.

At the bar, he spent his time there having a wonderful time while he was there. However, the thing that brought him the most true satisfaction was getting to know the people who were in close proximity to him. He was familiar with a big number of company founders as well as the staff members who worked for the numerous firms he was associated with. He was also familiar with the staff members who worked for those businesses. He made it a point to maintain consistent communication with them and went out of his way on a consistent basis to perform a particularly thoughtful deed for them.

He did this because he cared about them. It is going to be challenging not having him around in the primary commercial section of our city. Because this patron is so kind, unassuming, and reliable, we never mind if they sit at the counter or at one of the tables; we treat them equally well in either setting. Unless you took the time to sit down with him and have a conversation with him, you would never know the wealth of local information that his mind could recall, the mischievous snicker he would let out when telling about his younger years, or just how big his heart was; however, if you did that, you would know all of those things.

If you don’t engage in conversation with him, it won’t be feasible for you to gain any of these insights.

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