Kristine Kimery Obituary, Kristine Kimery Has Passed Away At Age 56 – Death

Kristine Kimery Obituary, A Former Insurance Policy Has Passed Away At Age 56 - Death

Kristine Kimery Death, Obituary – On Monday, November 28th, 2022, the mother of my husband passed away in a manner that was completely unexpected. We are trying to raise money in order to pay for her burial and any other expenditures that are related with it because she did not have a life insurance policy when she passed away. In the age of 56 and a resident of Smithton, Kristine Kimery passed away at her residence on Monday, November 28, 2022. She is the daughter of John Stouffer, who went deceased, and Karen Stouffer, and she was born in San Diego, California, on October 7, 1966.

Her father passed away before she was born. Victor Kimery was one of the guests at the wedding that took place in Ozark, Missouri, in the year 2003. She graduated from Marshall High School in the year 1984. Her high school was Marshall. In 1988, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Arts from Central Missouri State University, which is now known as the University of Central Missouri. This institution is located in Central Missouri. Kristine held various sales roles throughout the course of her career, including those in timeshares and box offices, among other places. The teachings of the Full Gospel were something that Kristine followed faithfully.

Her favorite things included going on trips, watching the Kansas City Chiefs play football, and visiting amusement parks and theme parks. She leaves behind a son, Rodney Eugene Short (Veronica), who resides in Slater, in addition to her husband, Victor, who still lives in the same house. We will get together at a later time to celebrate Kristine’s life while also remembering and honoring her memory. We just want to make sure that her final expenses are covered and that we are able to get our hands on her ashes after she has been cremated so that we can give her the proper burial that she requested before she passed away. This is the only thing that we want to make sure of before she passes away.

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