Kim Lesmeister Obituary, London Ontario, has died – Death

Kim Lesmeister Obituary, London Ontario, has died - Death

Kim Lesmeister Obituary, Death – Kim Lesmeister lost her long and arduous battle with cancer on November 20, 2015, the day after Thanksgiving. She had been battling the disease for quite some time. Her demise was calm and undisturbed by any commotion. After she passes away, her children, Rosella Moore, Sharlene (Michael) Clarke, Joanne (Thomas) Sargent, Bill (Kim) Lesmeister, and Gary Lesmeister, as well as her grandkids and great-grandchildren, will be the ones to carry on her legacy.

Michael Sargent, Patricia (Robert) McDugle, Carmen Merritt, Ann Marie Moore, Joshua (Angie) Lesmeister, Jonathan (Brandi) Woods, and Mathew Woods are her grandchildren, and their names are in order from oldest to youngest. Her great-grandchildren are named Joshua (Angie) Lesmeister and Ann Marie Moore. Jennifer (Tom) Forest, Patricia (Robert) McDugle, and Patricia (Robert) McDugle are her great-grandchildren. Patricia (Robert) McDugle is also her great-granddaughter.

She also has a great-great-grandchild by the name of Patricia (Robert) McDugle. She was preceded in death by her husband Raymond Lesmeister; her parents: Christina and Peter Bachmeier; her siblings: Christ Bachmeier, Matt Bachmeier, Peter Bachmeier, Joseph Bachmeier, Marcellina Bachmeier, and Theresa Jones. Phyllis was able to bring up all of her children as well as her grandkids there because she had lived in the same house on the historic hill in Renton for the entirety of her life, which was 58 years.

The home is currently recognized as a significant historical site. She was successful in achieving this objective due to the fact that the home was sufficiently roomy to accommodate an increasing number of members in the family. Everyone who had the good fortune to have met her was lucky to have a sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend in her who was kind and loyal to her obligations. She was a member of her extended family as well. She passed away much too young in this life.

In addition to her various interests, which included swimming, painting, gardening, cooking, and crafting, Phyllis was an active member of TOPS for over half of her life. Some of her other interests included gardening, painting, cooking, and crafting. Her other interests included things like gardening, painting, cooking, and making crafts. She also enjoyed creating. She was a member of the group during the vast portion of her time on earth, which spanned across several decades.

In addition to this, she participated in a wide variety of other pursuits in her spare time when she was not working. This was something that she did when she wasn’t working. She was a lovely person, and those who had the luxury of knowing her will feel a profound sense of loss now that she has passed away. Those who did not have the privilege of knowing her will also feel a profound sense of loss. Even those who did not get the opportunity to know her personally will experience a profound feeling of loss as a result of her passing. Everyone will be profoundly saddened by her passing.

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