Kerry Beamon Obituary, Milwaukee Scylla Women’s Rugby Mourns Kerry Beamon Death

Kerry Beamon Obituary, Milwaukee Scylla Women's Rugby Mourns Kerry Beamon Death

Kerry Beamon Obituary, Death – The passing of our family’s legendary member Kerry “Goss” Beamon has left the Scylla Family in utter disbelief. In 2004, Kerry became a member of the Milwaukee Scylla club, which she later led as President for a number of years. She was a member of the squad that competed in the Nationals in the year 2004. In 2017, thanks in large part to her efforts, the squad took home its first ever National Championship title. She had to take a hiatus from playing rugby in order to have her stunning baby Karleigh with her husband Julius.

Julius is a rugby player. After that, she resumed her playing career, became a coach, and established the organization Scylla Legends. She has been a part of Scylla rugby for longer than any other player. She leaves behind the future of Scylla Rugby and everyone who has ever worn a jersey as a tribute to her legacy. On the field, where they played, Kerry’s presence was most strongly felt. She was a formidable opponent on the prop and inside center positions, where she also played.

Her teammates were able to sense her quiet confidence and strength as she was playing the field. She was such a force to be reckoned with in the set pieces, mauls, and rucks that her name was eventually turned into a verb to describe her performance. To Gossinate. Kerry was an absolute pleasure to be around, as seen by her constant smile as she socialized with teammates and friends after matches. She became well-known for her Goss shimmy, as well as her ability to drink cherry bombs and sing along to rugby songs. She was most famous for leading the team in “prayer,” which consisted of collecting the team to take a Scylla shot and repeating her impassioned “I LOOOOOVE SCYLLA RUGBY” She was also noted for being the leader of the team during games.

One of her last expeditions was with the Quad Squad, and at that time, they were able to witness a live stream of the current Scylla team taking first place in the Midwest Championship. She felt a tremendous amount of pride for the group. As they travel back to Nationals, they will bring her enthusiasm, leadership, and passion with them. She is looking down on all of us from above and thinking, “I Still Love Scylla Rugby.”

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