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Kenny FrankĀ  Death, Obituary – Kenny Frank was welcomed into this world by his parents, Laddie and Lynne Frank, on February 29, 1976 in the city of Manitowoc (Borgwardt). He attended Mishicot Public Schools all the way through high school and graduated with his class in 1995 from Mishicot High School, making him a graduate of the Mishicot Public School system. After that, he came to the conclusion that the best way to finish his education would be to sign up for the mechanics program at NWTC. Kenny earned the nickname “farm kid” throughout his life due to the fact that he spent the most of his youth and early adult years working on farms (He Loved Tractors).

After that, he had a successful career in the construction industry for a significant amount of time and was a proud member of Union Local 330 throughout that time. In addition to this, he worked at a variety of nuclear power stations, where he was the Civil Superintendent for Nuclear Laborers until the year 2019, when he retired. Kenny served the Two Creeks Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter and first responder for more than 23 years. During that time, he responded to a variety of emergencies. He embraced everything that life had to offer and did his best to seize every opportunity. He spent a number of enjoyable years competing at 141 Speedway and liked all there was to love about the outdoors, including hunting, fishing, and camping as his ultimate favorite hobby.

He also enjoyed racing for a number of years at 141 Speedway. He rode his Harley with a lot of pride. In addition to this, Kenny was an active member of the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group for the Manitowoc County area.

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