Kendra Kilpatrick Obituary, Former Stillwater Coach Has Died – Death

Kendra Kilpatrick Obituary

Kendra KilpatrickĀ  Death, Obituary – Stillwater will be awarded the 6A-2 Gold Ball as a result of the Pioneers’ victory over Choctaw Yellow Jackets in the championship game, which took place in Edmond on Friday. The game was played on the Pioneers’ home field. Stillwater High School believes that the winner of this state championship game will not be decided solely by who wins or loses the game. The Stillwater Pioneers and the Choctaw Yellowjackets squared off in a game that was played in honor of Coach Kendra Kilpatrick, who had passed away the previous week. During the course of the game, the stadium was packed with a sea of spectators wearing pink.

This was uttered in Kendra’s honor with the words “In remembrance of our darling Kendra Kilpatrick, who passed away on Saturday.” Kendra had passed away. The following information was provided by Carolyn Walstad regarding her previous teacher: “She was a math teacher at the high school, she was a women’s pioneer basketball coach for many, many years, and she was an inspiration for many of us,” said one of the students. According to Walstad, Kilpatrick was more than just another coworker; she was liked by everyone who knew her. Walstad says this because everyone who knew her also liked her.

She has indicated that she will not have a loss of memory. “She will imprint herself on all of us in a way that will not be easily forgotten. “Despite the fact that it still hurts to think about the fact that she is not here with us to help us fight, she was a great person,” Walstad added. “Despite the fact that it still hurts to think about the fact that she is not here with us to help us fight.” Kilpatrick reportedly had a significant impact on the lives of a large number of individuals, and Walstad claims that she did not let her battle with cancer to define who she was. Her influence was felt by students of all ages, from the football players who were competing against Choctaw to the players she coached on her own team, such as Sydnee Sisneros. Her influence was felt by students of all ages.

“She has been nothing less than our most fervent champion throughout this whole process. It seems like the most acceptable way to phrase it is like that. “She absolutely tried to make the gym and the squad feel like a second home and a second family for us,” Sisneros said about the coach. According to Sisneros, Kilpatrick’s strength is the quality that has brought her the most notoriety. She shared this information with the other pioneers who came to Stillwater and helped settle the area.

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